WordPress Migration Services

No Hassle WordPress Migration Services

Wordpress MigrationWordPress Migration Services in short!Need to move your WordPress website to a new host? Struggling to get your WordPress website to function as it should after moving? No worries, we can assist you! With WordPress it can sometimes be a nightmare to migrate or move. Also, to avoid plugin conflicts or out right crashes. With many migrations under the belt we are confident that we will migrate of move your website with 100% success.

Furthermore, you are assured to bypass any downtime or loss of feature that is not functioning as it should. This by itself can be detrimental to your traffic. Do not loose visitors or potential customers as a result of downtime.


Our WordPress migration service overview


  1. Firstly we access your website and review all plugins that makes up the core of your websites functionality.
  2. Once we are happy with the integrity of your WordPress Website we make a complete backup.
  3. We also backup your database and download current website should we need to roll back quickly.
  4. We furthermore review your hosting configuration and point out any incompatible setting that needs to change for your websites optimum performance.

As a rule we do not move or direct any domains before we have all the core files in place.

  1. Once we concluded, we upload and reconfigure your website on your new webspace and check functionality.
  2. Also we reconfigure files to adapt to the new domain and IP addresses.
  3. Finally, we configure configuration file and htaccess files to force your WordPress website to accept new setting

You WordPress website should now be fully functional and ready to serve your information to your clients.


Our focus with our WordPress migration services


  • To move or migrate your website without any downtime.
  • To test and ensure that all functionality is intact
  • That user experience will not be affected
  • We also update any plugins or component required to ensure maximum compatibility.

If you would like to experience a seamless transition with your WordPress website you are welcome to make contact for a free and no obligation quote.


WordPress and Woocommence Migration


Running and online store? We will transfer, migrate and deploy your Woocommence WordPress website without any issues.

If you use Joomla and need to renew or migrate your are welcome to follow the link to learn more about our Joomla Migration Services.