Motion Graphics Studio and Video Editing

Motion Graphics Studio & video presentation

Custom Motion Graphic Studio Services: With the dawn of super fast internet, thousands of businesses extended their scope by using video to promote and advertise their products on various platforms. Social channels like YouTube and Facebook are at the epicenter, millions of potential clients search, engage and review products advertised on a daily basis. So, if your marketing strategy does not include product videos chances are that you are losing potential business.

Extending your marketing strategy with Video

The logical step from any progressive marketing campaign would be to add video as an option to inform potential clients about new products, changes to products as well as reviewing products that adds value and reputation to products advertised. (Motion Graphic Studio for Social Media)

Video Posting tips (Social Media)

  • Plan your video posting strategy to conform with your marketing campaign
  • Ensure that your content is high in quality and noteworthy
  • Make sure Videos are longer than 3 Minutes (Optimum between 5-10 Minutes)
  • The output format must be high enough to remedy loss once your video is processed then posting
  • Recommended format size 1080p mp4 or MOV format.

No Time to do this yourself?

If you do not have all the tools or time to generate video content do not stress, we are happy to assist you WDSMedia our focus is to create a video that will capture the imagination of potential clients. With the support of a great design team, we deliver custom motion graphics that will focus on your products, services and business brand. Furthermore, we can deploy your video marketing material with precision to ensure the best possible user experience. Motion Graphic Studio

Featured Core Motion Graphic Services

Logo Reveals

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a custom animated logo reveal

Explainer Videos

Smart explainer video creation to direct your company information in a professional way

Product Showcase

Custom branded video showcasing your promotion or products on special


Motion Graphic Studio Process explained

We work fast, as time is money once we have all the information, images and graphics we plan out a storyboard and execute the development. Once we have the fist mock up ready we present you with a  copy to review and provide comments. Once all is considered we create a final production-ready file that is optimized for the most popular platforms

Need help deploying your video content? No problem with extensive experience with social media management we can drive your video campaign to all your social channels, embed your videos into your website and even deploy your video on Whatsapp.

Should you require more information on our motion graphic services please contact us we would love to hear from you. all our services integrate Web Design, Graphic Design

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